June 18-24


June 18-24, 2018

“I don’t see work as work, and life as life…It’s all just living” – Richard Branson

We are all busy, right?  We never seem to have enough hours in the day. Our ‘to do’ list seems to grow longer and longer. We struggle to balance all aspects of our lives. Our routines that comfort us, also block our potential.

Sometimes we need to take one step back, to move two steps forward.  That is why we designed the Tuscan coworkation!

It’s no coincidence that we chose to do our “Lifestyle Design” coworkation in Tuscany.  The sun-drenched landscapes, vineyards as far as the eye reaches, amazing Italian food, simplicity, the rich history and culture and of course the friendly people. It’s safe to say that the beautiful region of Tuscany is synonymous with living the good life.

But we don’t travel to Coworkation for travel’s sake, nor to sit and drink wine all day… we go there with intention and purpose to improve our work, and improve our life.  We look at life on a holistic level, taking into account all facets.

Tuscany provides the perfect environment to:

– Find clarity and put things into perspective.  What is our vision? Our objectives? What is our strategy towards our goals?    

Reflect.  How are we living? What do we want to change? Are we living a balanced lifestyle? Are there habits that we want to add to, or take out of, our routines?

Learn from the workshops and the people brought together, each of whom brings their experience, knowledge and skills to share.  

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs who believe in working on both themselves and their business.

Freelancers juggling projects and aiming to take their work and life to the next level.

Digital nomads wanting to connect whilst seeing the beauties of Tuscany.

People looking for inspiration and new ideas.

Wine tasting + a walk through Montalcino

The village of Montalcino, south of the famous city of Siena, is a classic fairytale hilltop town, surrounded by a full circle of fortified walls and build around a mighty medieval castle.

The town became very famous because of the production of its Brunello wine, one of the worlds most appreciated and best Italian wines. After a walk through this idyllic town, we will find out about this famous wine in one of Montecinos best known vineyards and  learn how this Brunello wine is being produced from the different types of grapes to the methods of aging in the different oak barrels. We will do a tasting to discover their flavours, colours and aromas while overlooking the stunning views of the scenic countryside with the perfect vineyards and cypress trees.

Ristorante Hotel Aiuole

For our first night, we will be dining in this beautiful rustic restaurant inspired by the  simplicity of the mountain surrounding it.

Known as “Da Ugo” by friends, names after its famous owner, this restaurant has a long history and tradition which he would be more than happy to share over some glasses of the best homemade grappa of the region. Ugo embodies the essence of this restaurant and his wife Lionella oversees the preparations of the dishes in the kitchen, which are almost all made of organic and locally grown produce and of the absolute best quality.

The Aiuole Restaurant offers the lovers of Tuscan cuisine the best of Amalfi’s tradition, such as ricotta cheese, mountain potatoes, mushroom soup,brown pheasant, cheese pies and many more of their local specialities.

Hike & picnic in nature

At Coworkation, we believe that a change of location can enhance your creativity and we like to work from non-traditional and inspirational places. This is why we will use all the nature surrounding us as locations for our talks and discussions. Santa Fiora lays in a beautiful forestry and green area, which will help you disconnect and reconnect with nature. With a fresh and clear mind and a full stomach we will discuss some valuable topics and hopefully spark new ideas and connections.

Exploring the village of Piancastagnaio

Piancastagnaio is a small, medieval village close to Santa Fiora, where we will be staying. This sweet little town is located south-east to Mount Amiata and has beautiful views of the surrounding landscapes. The local economy in mainly based on the production of cereals, vegetables, fruit, vines and olives and in various locations in the village you’ll be able to taste and buy this fresh produce straight from the makers.

Therme di Saturnia

Saturnia is a small town in the municipality of Manciano in Maremma, that stands on top of a hill overlooking the famous thermal springs. What turns Saturnia into an attractive destination are its thermal springs and warm waterfalls. Saturnia’s thermal baths are made of several springs stretching from the mountains to the hills of Albenga and Fiora and are believed to be healing and helpful in all sorts of physical discomforts. The warm sulphurous waters of Saturnia were well-known by the Etruscans and Romans and legend has it that the springs were born in the exact point where Jupiter’s thunderbolt fell in a battle against Saturn. The thermal waters have a temperature of 37.5 °c and therapeutic and relaxing properties, which make for a perfect relaxing day in nature.

Olive Oil farm

Besides its glorious wines, the Tuscany region is famous for its olive oil production. We will be visiting the award winning oil mill of Giorgio Franci, he is among the most talented and passionate olive oil producers in the region. He will teach us all about the understanding of olive oil, from the farming of the trees to the milling of the olives. We will taste the combination of balance, freshness and intensity that makes his top quality extra virgin oils so special.

Swimming pool in nature, Piscini Capenti

To take a break from all the sight-seeing and working, we will spend an afternoon in a swimming pool in nature, a charming place immersed in the greenery of Mount Amiata. The two pools which open in the middle of vegetation make the stay quiet but especially dedicated to direct contact with nature. Besides the pools and the sunny garden, there are excellent restaurative facilities on the premises.

Day trip to Siena

We will have a typical Tuscan lunch in one of the peaceful squares, visit the famous church of Santa Maria di Provenzano, walk around the impressive piazza del Duomo and wonder the many picturesque streets and fountains of the historic centre of Siena. Famous for its cuisine, museums and art, it is one of the nations most visited tourist attractions, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This gigantic open air museum celebrating the Gothic era is a feast for the senses and an essential stop on our Tuscan itinerary.

Besides the above listed activities we will partake in, we will be facilitating multiple talks, a thought walk, skills shares, masterminds and general entrepreneurial discussions. We would love your input in this and will try to make the program happen as organic as possible, with topics and talks that are of your own interest so we can make sure everybody will take the most out of this trip as possible.

Our accommodation will be a lovely old but modernized house in the medieval village of Santa Fiora, overlooking the calming, green Tuscan hills. It’s a place for those who love history and local traditions, remained in its original Italian style with wooden beams and brick, stone facade and a red-tile roof. Authenticity in its purest form. The rooms will be on a twin-sharing basis, shared with someone from the same sex, or in a double bed if you come as a pair.


  • Accommodation in a shared room
  • All meals: restaurants & in the villas (drinks not included)
  • Wine tour; Olive oil tasting & other excursions
  • Workshops, skill shares & masterminds
  • Guided morning yoga and meditation
  • Unique rural location experience  


Stuart Jones

Stuart Jones

Entrepreneur, founder of Coworkation

Avalon Van der Horst

Avalon Van der Horst

Operations Management

Mattia Settimelli

Mattia Settimelli

Creative entrepreneur. Storyteller. Producer

Denisa Mihaela

Denisa Mihaela

Traveler & Photographer

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