July 18-24


Reduced stress levels. Increased concentration. Improved memory. Enhanced creativity. Greater productivity. Reduced mental fatigue.  These are just some of the cognitive benefits of working in nature according to the Harvard physician and co-author of Your Brain in Nature. And what better country to get amongst nature than SWITZERLAND?!

Now, consider the benefits of working from nature together with other entrepreneurs, freelancers and digital nomads with different skill sets and backgrounds, sharing ideas, brainstorming and drawing energy and inspiration from each other.

The combination of stunning natural settings, together with a group of 15 inspired people.  This is what our coworking retreat in Switzerland is all about!


Step out of your day-to-day environment and into an inspirational setting to look at their business/work from another perspective. A coworkation encourages personal and professional growth through activities, talks and workshops on these core themes:

  • Big picture for business: Vision, strategy, planning, & leadership, purpose.
  • Lifestyle design: tangible skills for designing the life you want to live.
  • Personal growth for Professional success: integration, productivity, psychological & cognitive elements, creativity and inspiration, mindfulness.

Our programming offers fun, applicable exercises, empowering & inspirational experiences. We contribute in practical, meaningful ways to the environment and/or cultures we visit, and offer immersive experiences that:

  • Maximise the enjoyment and fluidity of your work/life.
  • Encourage responsible and meaningful engagement of the location independent lifestyle.
  • Access your creative and inspirational potential.
  • Experience the impact that health and wellbeing has on your professional behaviour, and learn how to keep it up.

Our programming points of difference:

  • The link between personal growth and professional success as a holistic endeavour (Physical, Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual).
  • Our take on lifestyle design: Advocating strong values in business and life. Location independent professionals have the freedom to create a personal and professional framework for themselves that focuses on integrity, human-centred  interactions, and sustainability as motivators and business aspirations.
  • Topics covered are relevant to, entrepreneurs, business leaders, changemakers, influencers, visionaries, freelancers and business owners to name a few.
  • Our use of the inherent qualities of the locations we visit (physical, emotional, spiritual and symbolic) during our activities to allow for a  deeper integration of the lessons provided.

Our workation is in partnership with Swiss Escape – a coliving and coworking chalet in the midst of the Alps. Located at 1500m altitude in the French-speaking vvillage of Grimentz it is ideal to find the clarity we need to work on our businesses, and work on ourselves.

  • 2 chalets
  • 250 square metres
  • 15 people capacity
  • Private and shared rooms
  • Balconies with views
  • Coworking spaces with high speed WiFi



Accommodation – shared or private rooms

All meals (drinks not included)

Workshops, skill shares & masterminds

Optional cable car rides, tennis, mini golf, guided tours to cultural attractions.

Inspiration in nature to bring your work & life to the next level!


Bookings after Feb 16
€690 shared / 890 private rooms

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