May 13-17


Step out of your day-to-day routines and into a stunning environment, be surrounded by a group of driven and passionate people. Escape the hustle and bustle and break your routine in order to focus, find clarity, trigger creativity and be inspired.

A Coworkation Business Retreat is designed to inspire, and for you to work on both your business, and on yourself.  We analyse not only our business and work, but also the way in which we work…and the way we live. It all comes together in a holistic approach towards life.

Connect with other business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, and remote workers in an incredibly stunning natural setting to work, collaborate, learn…and not to mention, relax and enjoy!  Our retreats incorporate various elements. Everything is optional so that you can tailor the experience to suit you.  


Two workshops daily. One workshop is on the personal side (eg. wellbeing, lifestyle, work/life balance, personal development) and another on the business side (eg. vision, planning, strategy). Workshop locations are held in a variety of locations, taking advantage of the beautiful natural surrounds. 


Take your notebook and pen to one of our “Inspiration Zones”.  These are spaces created to cultivate frames of mind conducive to look at the bigger picture. Reflect upon the learnings from our workshops, visualise and strategise, get creativity


We start the day off with morning meditation/yoga (remember, everything is optional on our retreats). Late afternoon we go for a walk or jog along the beach.  


Our business doesn’t stop simply because we are on a retreat. We ensure there is enough free time throughout the retreat to ensure you can stay on top of the essentials in our dedicated work zone. 


Read by the pool, walk along the beach, explore the nature trails. 


Coworkation always holds business retreats in amazing locations…and we make the most of it!  Some activities are organised, or you can go off and explore in your own time.  


The benefits of a Coworkation Business Retreat do not stop when it ends. Leave with actionable steps and changes to implement, new habits to follow, tools to use and strategies to pursue.  


The 4 P's of Coworkation



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