2018: Montenegro; Nature, water, adventure and the outdoors

Coworkation goes Montenegro!

Located on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, nestled between the sea and the Bay of Kotor, lays Lustica Peninsula, where we’ve partnered up with Playworking to create the perfect coworking retreat for you.
Referred to as the pearl of the Mediterranean, Montenegro is known for its natural wealth. Nowhere else can you find so many mild beaches, crystal clear lakes, rapid rivers and massive mountains in such a compact are as in Montenegro.
















Playworking & Coworkation program

Our partners over at Playworking, have created the perfect circumstances at their beautiful co-living and coworking area to get away from your day-to-day routine and aligning your body, mind and soul with your work. They specialize in a wide range of adventurous and psychical activities while providing you with the space to focus and get your work done.

Just like any other coworkation, our program will be facilitated from the angle of personal development for professional growth.

But, we would love to hear what ideas you have yourself and if you would like to contribute something during the trip. All ideas are welcome and we would love to hear what you would like to share with the group yourself.

So what can you expect to take away from the workshops we have arranged for you?

  1. Business Big Picture: One of the benefits of stepping out of your day-to-day routine and into a new and inspirational setting such as Tuscany is that you have headspace to gain clarity and put things in perspective.  This creates an ideal environment for you to look at topics such as vision, planning, strategy and decision-making.  We offer workshops focused around these business ‘big picture’ topics.
  2. Lifestyle Design: At Coworkation we believe that, since we are only on this earth for a short time, we need to make the most of it!  Living life in the fullest, most meaningful way imaginable is great in theory, not so easy in practice. On our Tuscan coworkation we will be looking at topics such as “The power of morning routines”, “design your day, design your life” and “visualisation techniques”.
  3. Personal growth for professional development: If we are not working on ourselves, then we are not working on our business!  By optimising our own personal potential it enables us to be at our peak in a work environment also.  During our Tuscan coworkation we will delve into our interiors looking at topics such as self awareness, leadership, purpose and passion, focus and concentration, health and nutrition, creativity, the power of the mind, food energetics, the power of the mind and emotional control.

But will we only be focussing on workshops and talks? No, we believe there needs to be a good balance between learning, experiencing, relaxing and connecting. Which is why we have arranged several exciting activities and excursions to partake in. But just like any other Coworkation, these are all optional, leaving you with the ability to tailor the program to your likes and needs.

Some examples of our program:

  • Adventurous outdoor activities such as climbing and canyoning
  • A day trip to one of the local villages and its marina
  • BBQ dinner outdoor on the terrace with plenty of organic veggies and fish
  • A thought walk in the natural surroundings to reconnect with nature
  • Art and ceramics classes

So don’t hesitate to sign up if adventure and nature are right up your alley, if you enjoy connecting with other location independent professionals and digital nomads in the  perfect environment to work ON yourself and your business with high speed WiFi for when you need to focus and get things done while the clear air that leads to a clear mind, will perfectly enable you to work on your plans, vision and strategy.

“I don’t see work as work and life as life…to me, it’s all just living”
– Richard Branson, Entrepreneur & Lifestyle Designer
Coworkation has converted this special location in to the “Catalan Workplace Innovation Hub”. A centre where we analyse not only what we are working on but also the way in which we work…and the way we live. We work, learn, relax, enjoy and collaborate…it all comes together in a holistic approach towards life.

“If you are not working on yourself you are not working on your business”
– Stuart Jones, Coworkation founder & location independent professional
Attending a coworkation is both an investment in your business and in yourself. Our workshops focus on both your personal and professional development:
1) Work-related, for example, vision, strategy, communication and branding
2) Work methods including productivity, scheduling and habits
3) Personal growth such as mindfulness, lifestyle design and emotional control
The workshops aim to equip you with tools that you can implement when you return home.

Our coworkations are designed for people looking for inspiration such as:
– Entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, creatives
– People looking to change the way they work
– Employees and managers looking to boost creativity or find clarity

The Catalunya Workplace Hub is designed to inspire. A place from which to work. To connect. To create. And to innovate.
A luxuriously renovated 13th century monastery, just 90 minutes from Barcelona. Not another house to be seen, only views of the Montseny national park.
* Accommodation for 25 people
* Kitchen
* Coworking area
* Meditation/yoga zone
* Chill out area
* Hammocks
* Hall for conferences & events (200 people seated)
* and the most incredible INFINITY SWIMMING POOL!

– Discussions on the Future of Work, The Location Independence Movement and entrepreneurship.
– Speakers, influencers, innovators, movers & shakers connecting together with entrepreneurs, freelancers, startup founders, CEO’s and managers.
– Yoga, meditation and mindfulness
– Personal development for professional growth. We look at psychology and how to create mental states to optimise our output.
– Healthy nutritious meals. Whilst also examining the effect that diet has on the way we work.
– Business workshops: take a back step to look at the big picture issues of our business and careers…strategy, planning, vision, branding and more.
– Poolside beers, wine and cocktails!
– Inauguration party!


– Freedom & The Location Independent Movement: FRIDAY PM
– Live to your maximum potential: SATURDAY AM
– Food Energetics: The physical, mental & emotional power of what we eat: SUNDAY AM
– Design Your Day, Design Your Life: SUNDAY PM
– The art of negotiation: MONDAY PM
– Transform your emotions anytime, anywhere: TUES AM
– How to communicate effectively…remotely! TUES PM
– Uncertainty, Mindfulness & Creativity: FRIDAY AM
– Bringing Body, Mind and Heart to Strategy: THURS AM



REACH YOUR OBJECTIVES – Emilie Jacquetton. Monday AM.
The personal goals we set are real desires for change that we want in our life. We know that it would greatly improve our quality of life however in many cases we find it difficult to meet and we find many obstacles in our way.  Meeting objectives forces us to go through a process of change and is composed of several phases. This process can be very fast or slow and sometimes we get stuck. In this workshop:
* Understand why it costs so much to achieve our goals and why we resist.
* Learn what are the keys to change.
* Receive tools to make it easier for you to fulfil your goals.
(Re)connect with your business authenticity – Diana Moret. Thursday PM.

As a business founder you might often find yourself running in the hamster wheel, following short term results, lost in the daily routines. It is so easy to get lost in the daily routines, taking opportunistic and short term decisions that is easy losing the meaning, finding your business lighthouse. In this short demo workshop we will explore easy tricks and tools that can easily help you (re)connecting with your inner authenticity, with who you really are and how to infuse it into your business.

Sunday PM:
Description: Do you still believe in the fantasy of certainty? Wake up and learn to handle yourself in the new scenarios where our organizations are situated. # Distributed leadership # Agile designs # new remuneration systems # Value creation structures


Uncertainty, Mindfulness and Creativity

Uncertainty and Stillness are deep wells for creativity.
We will explore the power of slowing down, specially in these fats moving times.
We will look at our need to know and act, and explore the way we resist to be and flow.
We will also look at how the creative process is enhanced by the communal space.

Facilitator: Veronica Lassus

Bringing Body, Mind and Heart to Strategy

Thinking about your business from a deeper place, engaging the wisdom of the heart and body.
We will explore how to think and feel about a business.
We will look at how a strategic framework can be at the service of an inspired vision.
FacilitatorVeronica Lassus

Freedom & The Location Independent Movement

Due to the increased influence of disruptive technology on global commerce, management strategies and business structure, as well as the notable shift in attitudes around concepts of freedom, security, and life options, we now see an unprecedented resonance with the location independent lifestyle.

In this presentation the context of the movement is discussed, the values that are driving it and the different startups creating solutions in this exciting ecosystem.

FacilitatorStuart Jones

Design Your Day, Design Your Life

A growing number of us have more freedom to work wherever and whenever we want.  Are we really taking advantage of this blessed situation to live life to its fullest?  Are we taking a holistic view and leading a balanced life? Do we structure our days to be in harmony with our personal biorhythms? Are we mindful of our moods and states and take them in to account as we move through the day?
The paradigm of work/life balance has shifted to it’s all just living.  Living for the weekends in a 9-5 existence can move over to a more fluid way of living…one where we become the architect of our own lifestyles.  During this workshop we look at alternative ways of structuring your days and week to work towards building your dream life.

FacilitatorStuart Jones

Live to your maximum potential
Why do some people find work fun, satisfying and energizing? While for others, work is a daily struggle and most of us crave relief from the arrival of the weekend? Have you had days when everything seems to be coming your way? Days where tasks are simple and responsibilities a joy? And then there are days where you seem to struggle to get something done.
The answer has to do with whether you are using your natural strengths. More than any other factor, living your strengths improves your personal satisfaction and effectiveness.
In this workshop you will learn to live and develop your greatest potential with the use of your strengths.

Food Energetics: The physical, mental & emotional power of what we eat
Taking the Mind/Body connection to another level where you can discover how to create optimum energy both physically and intellectually. You will be given insights into why certain cravings arise, how food can affect us emotionally and how to reduce emotional ups and downs giving you practical tips to bring more harmony into your daily life.
Facilitator: Emma Bradford

Transform your emotions anytime, anywhere
Emotional state influences more than we realise… it can make or break work situations, influence relationships, health, goal setting and more. In this workshop you will discover practical tips to help you manage your emotional state, giving you energy to achieve the goals you desire and understand why you may experience procrastination. Gain insights into why certain emotions arise, and how to transform them easily and effortlessly anytime, anywhere.
Facilitator: Emma Bradford

The art of negotiation
The negotiation process is essential for a good development of the project of any entrepreneur. With good management of internal and external conflicts of interest we will be more effective in reaching agreements that benefit both parties and leave no damage in the process.
In this workshop we will address the key points that apply to any negotiation process:
– How to prepare
– Setting the framework
– Recognize the profile of those involved
– Identify your interests
– Reach agreements that are implemented
Facilitator: Laura Ucles

How to communicate effectively…remotely!
More than 90% of communication is non-verbal. Being separated from our employees, collaborators or customers makes it difficult for us to understand their needs and the instructions we give are not always understood as we would like them to be. Knowing what to focus on to get things right is not as simple as it might appear. In this workshop we examine together some key aspects of communication that will save you problems and wasted time.
Facilitator: Laura Ucles

 Emma Bradford, trained in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Natural Nutrition & Life Energetics uses her skills and expertise in helping individuals boost their self esteem, self acceptance, resolve inner conflicts, remove limiting beliefs and create a more loving relationship with themselves and/or food. She holds regular classes in the centre of Barcelona, workshops both in Spain & the UK and private 1:1 coaching sessions with clients Worldwide. For more information, free tips and guided visualizations visit her Website:
  Morgane Bideau, is a technological nomad, strategic entrepreneur with dreamy soul and is a professional Coach. As we spend 86,000 hours of our lives working, we better enjoy them. Morgane helps people who want to: 1. Find what they are passionate about and the work that corresponds to them 2. Change profession, be freer and reinvent 3. Be happier and fulfilled in their work Website:     
Emilie Jacquetton is a certified life & executive coach as well as owner of The Coaching Box.  Emilie is also the founder of Ouiwin… an event platform oriented to collaborative experiences and knowledge about health and life concerns. She is also a leader in the Bridge the Gap Leadership Program. Emilie has more than 15 years of experience in the environment of the startup and digital world. Emilie does individual coaching sessions and workshops on topics such as labor issues, change management, fear and family cohesion.  Website:
Laura Uclés, founder of Human Consulting Hug [me] is an expert in activating and accelerating the development of human potential in entrepreneurs, leaders and work teams. Thanks to her innovative approach in the field of communication, and to her own personal work, she is able to easily explain the most sophisticated growth and self-management tools. By identifying our natural talents as well as our weak points, we are able to focus more effectively on the actions that give us the best results. With a good guide, we can easily face the greatest challenges we face.  
Verónica Lassus, holds a MSc in Economics and has extensive experience in the corporate world. She is a certified Craniosacral Biodynamics Therapist and Process Facilitator. She currently has a private practice, she is trainer in the PsychoEnergetics Training, a body-mind approach to process facilitation, and teaches at Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
Stuart Jones, ever since serendipitously stumbling upon his dream life in Spain, where he found a way to make enough money during the summer to allow him to continue travelling for the rest of the year, Stu has been on an eternal workation, coupling his two main passions of travel and entrepreneurism. A lifestyle entrepreneur who, considering himself pretty unemployable, has co-founded 7 companies which he has structured to maximize freedom to lead a location-independent lifestyle.  His wanderlust has taken him to over 80 countries where he has searched endlessly for inspirational places to use as his pop-up office.  
Diana Moret, the founder of Pandorahub is a rural shaker and human centred designer, nature and animal lover. Participant in Tribewanted Bali 2015, ex UX consultant for Multiplica and Everis, initial promoter of Un día de Nassos and co-founder at DJs against Hunger

Miriam Moreno, the founder of Pandorahub is a rural shaker and human centred designer, nature and animal lover. Participant in Tribewanted Bali 2015, ex UX consultant for Multiplica and Everis, initial promoter of Un día de Nassos and co-founder at DJs against Hunger

Ana Manzanedo, the founder of Pandorahub is a rural shaker and human centred designer, nature and animal lover. Participant in Tribewanted Bali 2015, ex UX consultant for Multiplica and Everis, initial promoter of Un día de Nassos and co-founder at DJs against Hunger

Mar Sánchez is a Lyfestyle Coach Premium Specialist in Professional Transformation, Mentoring for Entrepreneurs, and Motivational Speaker. Mar is a good example of reinvention always following her PASSION: has changed companies, sectors, and countries and has learned to overcome her fears. She has created her own method NIAR® ( and today is helping many people in making their dreams come true! Check her 3 min presentation video here: Business Economist Certified in Coaching with NLP by Richard Bandler ( NLP Co founder in USA) with more than 16 years of international experience in Consulting for Start-Ups and Big firms. Website: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter: @marsanchezcoach Linkedin:



  • Unique adventurous experiences
  • Accommodation in a shared room* and a daily delicious breakfast
  • Lots of excursions and fun things to do in the surrounding nature and culture
  • A variety of different workspaces and areas, all with speedy internet
  • In-depth workshops and inspiring activities on a daily basis
  • Guided morning yoga and meditation

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Stuart Jones

Stuart Jones


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