“Perspective in the Pyrenees”

A retreat for entrepreneurs, freelancers & remote workers



When the lines between WORK and LIFE are blurred…

Work ON your business, not IN it

The daily grind can be fast-paced and non-stop as we frantically pursue success in our business. Focusing on the next task on the to-do list we can fall into the trap of neglecting our longer-term objectives. Sometimes we need to take a back step and take a look at the bigger picture.  

Take one step back, to move two steps forward

Sometimes, we need to slow it down. We need to adjust the Think-Do balance, and take a moment to analyze our strategies, work on our processes, and reflect upon our vision. That can be practically impossible to do in our normal environments.  A coworkation is designed to give you the space and mental clarity to enable new insights, a broader perspective and critical thinking, and decision-making.  

From a 40-hour work week, to a 168-hour life week

But there is more to life than work. Running our own businesses we can fall into the trap of neglecting other aspects of our lives.  We need to look at our lifestyles with a more holistic approach – taking into account all facets of our lives…family & friends fitness and health, spirituality, and to leave time to pursue our hobbies and passions.  A coworkation gives us the opportunity to analyse our habits & routines, and identify changes we can make to live in alignment with our values, priorities and our dreams.

When the lines between WORK and LIFE are blurred…

Working for ourselves has some fantastic advantages – we can often work from where we want, and we have greater flexibility to work according to our own timetables. But this freedom can present challenges.  There is a fusion between work and life…and, at times, it can feel like we never ‘switch off’. Freedom, it seems, can be both an opportunity…and a threat.

When you work for yourself the ‘care factor’ is magnified. That drive and passion which fuels your motivation can bring genuine fulfillment.  But, at the same time, it can leave us feeling overwhelmed.

These are just some of the common issues we face…Join other entrepreneurs and freelancers in the Pyrenees to share tips, discuss ideas, share challenges, and celebrate our successes.


“Breaking the routine you feel the inspiration” – Samuel Michelo, Founder MosaLingua

“Hearing new ideas, sharing my projects, generating new ways of working” – Cristina Fernandez, Founder Aldapeko

“It’s very enriching to meet such motivated people” – Andrea Garcia, Founder Talent Garden

“Something “clicked”…to keep growing, to become unstuck” – Alba Comadran, Freelance Journalist

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‘Perspective in the Pyrenees’ is a retreat designed to inspire, and for you to work on both your business, and on yourself.  Connect with other entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers in an incredibly stunning natural setting to cowork and collaborate, share skills and knowledge, as well as relax and enjoy.


Location: Canalda, Pyrenees (2 hours from Barcelona)

Dates: Aug 11-14, 2018 (Join for 2 or 4 days)

What’s in store:
Skill shares & workshops
Focus on both Personal & Professional development
20 entrepreneurs, freelancers & remote workers
Outdoor swimming pool with an amazing view
Hiking, volleyball & football
All-inclusive: transport, meals & drinks (wine, beer & soft drinks)
Accommodation in charming country cottages

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