Become A Digital Nomad Retreat

11 – 14 August: Spanish Pyrenees

Escape the 9-5...and explore the world!

Coworkation has teamed up with The Remote Nomad to teach you how to break free of the 9-5 grind and starting living a life with more freedom and flexibility as a digital nomad.

Transitioning to a location independent lifestyle can feel overwhelming and complicated. It can be hard to know how to get started and what you need to do based on your own unique situation. This course is will give you the tools, knowledge, and support that you need to get started and succeed at becoming a digital nomad. Not only will you leave with a clear plan of action, but you’ll have already started taking action toward making this lifestyle a reality. Jumpstart your journey to going remote with the Become A Digital Nomad Intro Course.

LOCATION: Spanish Pyrenees




An abandoned village in the Pyrenees, 2 hours from Barcelona, has been reconstructed – and is now for the exclusive use of our two events! 250 hectares, 12 charming country cottages, camping area, stunning views and a lovely outdoor swimming pool…the location couldn’t be any better! .







Kate Smith is founder of The Remote Nomad and WiFly Nomads. WiFly Nomads is an immersive experience that helps professionals become location independent.
After getting her Bachelor of Commerce and Administration, Kate started her career as a project manager at one of the world’s largest advertising agencies where she worked with brands such as Johnson & Johnson and Clorox. Knowing the 9-5 grind wasn’t for her, she transitioned to freelance marketing to accommodate her nomadic lifestyle. She left Canada in June 2015 to start her digital nomad journey by joining the first ever Remote Year program. She has traveled to over 25 countries and has been seen in publications such as BBC, CNN, Fast Company, Atlas Obsura, and Etihad Airways in-flight magazine (just to name a few).



Stuart Jones, founder of Coworkation, was a digital nomad before the term existed. He has enjoyed a life of work and travel…visiting 70+ countries whilst running multiple companies. 17 years ago he set up his first business in Spain…but knew that wanted to have the freedom to continue travelling, spend time with family and friends in Australia, or simply work from home, cafes and according to my own timetable. He wanted the ability to design his own lifestyle.





6 hours per day of workshops designed to show you the way to becoming a digital nomad.






An outdoor swimming pool with stunning views over the valley below provides a perfect place to unwind after your workshop sessions!







Volleyball, hiking, football, badminton, archery and more!  Digital nomad lifestyle is all about having the freedom to enjoy your life all…





  • Accommodation (triple room)
  • Private rooms (90€ surcharge)

  • Workshops
  • Activities
  • Yoga

  • Meals/Drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks)
  • Transport Barcelona-Location


Bookings after July 21

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