Location independence is the freedom to work and live from wherever you want.

This lifestyle is born out of a desire to be an architect of your own destiny and to have the ability to live life on your terms.

The traditional way of living and working is no longer the only way.  Nowadays, you have alternatives.  You have the possibility to experience life and all its different elements more than ever before. Read More…


There are many companies catering to the increasing number location independent professionals and digital nomads. These companies all contribute to making life easier and better for those who are leading, or want to lead, the location independent lifestyle!

Here we list them



We-roam: We Roam is the remote work program for professionals.  We curate trips around the world for select remote workers who want to pursue their love of travel, without putting their careers on hold. This is more than just a trip around the world – you will be co-working with serious professionals from numerous fields and backgrounds. Between networking with local business leaders, attending engaging speaker series, and participating in various workshops, you will grow both personally and professionally.

Outsite: A collection of unique work+play accommodations that cater to the growing community of entrepreneurs, business travelers and digital nomads.

Roam: Roam calls themselves an experimental community about the future of work, travel and adventure.

XL Vision Villas: A boutique resort tailored to travelers and groups who seek to retreat, reflect, revive and renew.

Cohubiting: Share a sunny house with entrepreneurs, freelancers and coworkers. We will set-up indoor and outdoor “offices” optimized to create big things.

Coliving: Coliving-spaces around the world. Live, work & connect with entrepreneurs.

Sun and Co: The home to location independent workers on the Mediterranean coast.

Swiss Escape: The first coworking and coliving space in Switzerland for remote workers. Meet like-minded people and collaborate on projects that shape your business.

Nectarconectar: An inspiring & creative place in the midst of nature where you can combine your work and projects with your passions and enriching activities, by collaborating, innovating and connecting.

Amadoria: Amadoria´s house is where happens experiences that create an atmosphere of innovation and connect each participant to its very essence.

Wolfhouse: is offering remote teams & companies ideal conditions not just for productive work in the fully-equipped office space in the house, but for having fun and relaxation during team building activities. Located on the south west coast of the sunny island of Tenerife.

Startup Oasis: is a co-living, co-working space and a development agency all at once for startup founders. It is the place where Ideas flourish and turns into reality. Work and FUN under the sun with our Full stack developers that will help you create your Idea. Startup Oasis is located in the heart of South East Asia as we call it PEARL OF THE ORIENT SEA, THE PHILIPPINES.

Startup Basecamp: We are the gateway to the Silicon Valley ecosystem for startup professionals and entrepreneurs. Our coliving & coworking spaces offer a quality short-term solution to easily land in San Francisco.

Restation is a coworking and a coliving hub facility in the heart of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. A location where you                         always wanted to work from, a top destination for digital nomad, travellers and surf-lovers. We host a crowd of 10-20 all         digital nomads, creative travellers, teams and entrepeneurs throughout the year. Our aim is to bring them all together and create a quality work environment with new oppotunities, more than that we want to hang out, have fun and share experiences with others. Restation is a great space where we meet lifestyle and community. We host 3 weeklies events to keep our community up, meet other digital nomads in the island as well as locals. There is no time to get bored!

 Remote Workers is an online community of remote working professionals. Since early 2016, the Remote Workers are leading the effort to build a community of remote working professionals from all around the world and today, there is already more than 12,000 of #RemoteWorkers. Remote Workers are bringing like-minded people together via organising meetups, or helping them on their path to location independence via specialised events, like the Remote Workers Camp on the Canary Islands.

  Live Sharing is the First Coliving in Argentina. Live, Work & Connect with local and global entrepreneurs. We offer a great experience based on our collaborative community.





Remote Workers Camp: Remote Workers Camp is a unique 2-week long event packed with presentations & activities. The Camp is designed to help business owners and remote working professionals connect and take their business to the next level.

Mutinerie: Mutinerie is a coworking space in Paris that offers to entrepreneurs a workspace to meet people and share with them.

Punspace: Lively coworking spaces in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Two convenient locations – the hip Nimman area and the historic Tha Phae Gate.

Hubud: Come join a community of people who are quietly changing the way we work, live and bring ourselves to the world. Watch this video for a serious case of office-envy.

SunDesk: SunDesk is a Coworking community plus accommodation located in the famous, sunny surf village of Taghazout, Morocco.

Coconat: A place for digital workers to be inspired, concentrate, work, and play in the countryside!

Kohub: We have discovered what we believe to be the most liveable location in the tropics and set up a productive and fun coworking community with fast internet and wifi.

Koh Space: Koh Space is Koh Phangan’s new co-working space – Where internet people of all sorts can work independently, or cooperatively in an office environment.

Tamarindo Coworking: Brainstorming with your toes in the sand. Living and working where most just vacation. Getting stuff done. That’s how we envision coworking in Costa Rica!

AngkorHub: AngkorHub is a Coworking Space and Social Innovation Center in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Coworking Dahab: Come and work in the Land of 1001 Nights and the Village of the True Nomads. Escape the cold and enjoy the team-spirit of creative Co-workers.

Sende: Old Galician houses converted into creative spaces optimized for collaboration and getting work done. Enjoy the company of like-minded people, good food, and a supportive ambience.

Hub Fuerteventura: A community driven coworking space on the Canary Islands. Dedicated to tech and digital entrepreneurs, digital nomads, bloggers, travelers, surfers, digi-hippies, remote workers, designers, coders and all the free minded people like you.

La Cocotera: Boutique Hostel & Coworking in Tarifa, Spain‎.

Pura Vida Hub: Pura Vida Hub & Tea House Bucharest is the only hub located in the Old Town of Bucharest that is also focused on co-living.

Betahaus Barcelona: A social space for creative professionals and entrepreneurs.

Impact Hub Singapore: The Hub is Singapore’s largest community of entrepreneurs, creatives and techies.

Coworking in the Sun: Your coworking destination 365 days a year: workspace, co-living and leisure activities in Tenerife !

ESDIP Berlin: Is a coworking space and art school in the Friedrichshain district of Berlin. They provide space for artists, illustrators, cartoonists, designers, photographers, writers and any other creative people. You can cowork with us for a day, a month or even longer, attend our courses and workshops and join our events. ESDIP Berlin is a small and relaxed community, where friends and pets are always welcome!

Cowoli: With Cowoli, you can rent unique shared living spaces to work around the world. From 1 night to few months, join a digital nomad house, a startup retreat, a hackerspace… all around the world.

Tribes Tribes is a 5*hotel for people who wish to work, providing coworking, hotdesking, flexworking and office suites for 1 hour, to 5 years and longer for 1 to 100 people and more. All with the highest IT, hospitality and design standards.


Nomad Lifestyle promotes location independence through meaningful travel experiences and coaching programs for adventurous freedom seekers around the world.

    LunaBlu Retreats Co-workation in Puglia, immerse yourself in the authentic italian lifestyle. Life as it should be.



Active Workation organises active and adventurous retreats for entrepreneurs, remote workers, digital nomads and lifestyle seekers in different location around the world. Networking, skill sharing, business development while being active and having fun combined. The perfect combination to work hard, play hard!



Project Getaway: Project Getaway organizes trips to stunning tropical places around the world for entrepreneurs.

pandora hubPandora Hub: a rural revival and resettlement movement constantly locating villages that are looking for inhabitants that want to join the initiative.


Seats2Meet: Seats2Meet facilitate physical and virtual environments where they connect and match people dynamically using the latest innovative technologies.


Southwest Collective: A startup dedicated to creating meaningful experiences that embrace the wholeness of work, life and play.


Terminal 3: Terminal 3 offers you the opportunity to travel for six months with a community of 30 remote working professionals.


Business Paradise: A global movement for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur and start chasing own dreams to create businesses.


Traiblazer’s Retreat: Trailblazer’s retreat creates a completely transformative immersion experience for whatever personal transition you’re facing right now.


Co-Work Paradise: Work with like-minded, motivated and inspiring entrepreneurs in one of the most beautiful places in the world: Bali, Indonesia!


Hacker Paradise: Trips all over the world for developers, designers, and entrepreneurs who want to travel while working remotely or focusing on personal projects.


Refuga: Join entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, CEOs and other proactive people for adventures across the globe.


Sunny Office: Sunny Office is the perfect coworking and coliving environment for entrepreneurs from all over Europe


Coworking-Camp: Temporary Coworking Spaces, where open minded, smart people gather to work on their ideas/projects.


Remote Trotters: Remote trotters organizes a community of professionals with remote jobs across the globe to begin a journey around the world,


Become Nomad: The goal of this blog is to provide insights and inspiration for those of you who are considering a long-term nomadic lifestyle.

The Surf Office: The Surf Office is a community driven workspace and accommodation.


Flask: They organise adventurous flex vacations for entrepreneurs.


DNomad Club: A blog inspired by digital nomad’s stories, helping people to become a digital nomad themselves.


YonderWork: YonderWork is an international community experience for techs, creatives, and other remote workers which combines travel, coworking, and professional development.


Kumbayja: Together with like-minded people we want to form a Digital Federation where digital structures are used to influence the manner of working and living in the most positive way for everybody. We facilitate temporary working and living to fulfil knowledge share and spread the know-how needed to build up a digital industry.

Cloud Tribe: Is a work and travel experience for entrepreneurs and remote professionals looking to get work done, network and play in exotic places.


Coworkvilla: Is providing coworking retreats in the sunny, unspoiled Western Algarve / Portugal by the sea.


 Novovento  Need to change the air? Looking for an inspiring place to refresh ideas? At 2 hours from Lisboa, Novovento – coworkation Azores offers you a coworking space with sea view, accommodation in dorms of 4, breakfast, a huge garden with a deck to share BBQ, a big living room, but also extra activities : hiking, take a drink on the beach to enjoy the sunset, discover Furnas and its hot water baths, climbing the volcano to take breakfast at the top of Sete Cidades, dinners… you are here to feel, share and create!






 Work Hard Anywhere: A collection of work-optimized spaces in the palm of your hand. Mobile, easy and constantly updated.

Anywhere Startup: Anywhere Startup is a startup that, simply put, can be run from Anywhere.

Work From: Use Workfrom to find and share the best coffee shops, cafes, bars, coworking and other work-friendly spaces in cities and towns everywhere.

Collaboration Superpowers: Collaboration Superpowers collects stories, tips and lessons learned for setting up effective distributed teams.

Working Nomads: A curated list of remote jobs for the modern working nomad. Working Nomads curate the best digital jobs for those looking to work remotely.

Live Work Anywhere: Live work anywhere brings you resources and advice for traveling entrepreneurs.

Johnny FD: – Follow the Journey of a Location Independent Entrepreneur.

Remote Ok: Remote Ok helps you to find a job you can do anywhere.

Product Hunt: The best products for digital nomads and remote workers.

Horizon: Horizon uses groups and mutual friends to help you find people and places to stay.

Oyster Chat: Oysterchat is network of travelers to chat all things flights and travel!

Vamo: Spend less time planning and more time going. Vamo helps you plan a complex international trip in minutes.

Blissy Life: Share your passion for a lifestyle of bliss and well-being. Location-hopping, entrepreneurship, design, and fun of all kinds.

Nomad Soulmates: Life is better when shared. Nomad Soulmates is an online dating for Nomads.

Digital Nomad Edu: DNE is a comprehensive e-learning & gamification platform that empowers students, social entrepreneurs and parents to learn in a mindful and visual way.

StartupBlink: StartupBlink is an interactive global startup ecosystem map which has tens of thousands of registered startups and other related entities such as Coworking spaces, accelerators, startups organizations, tech reporters and much more.

Zero To Travel: We share actionable advice from experienced travelers through podcasts, interviews, articles and more!

Chris the Freelancer: We share actionable advice from experienced travelers through podcasts, interviews, articles and more!


Digital Nomads Guids: Traveling to a new city and in need for a good working spot? Don’t care about touristy stuff? Digital Nomads Guides connects you!

Mastly: A equity platform that allows you to offer a performance equity pool to your team in exchage for time worked. Perfect way for founders to keep, attract, and motivate your team members who are location independent.

Transformify: Transformify – an online platform offering remote jobs to those who need them the most.

 Remote Work Hub is the remote worker’s resource center, providing a remote jobs board, online community, and collection of remote work and lifestyle resources for remote workers and teams.

 Work From Anywhere: WFA is all about having the freedom to work from anywhere you want whenever you want.

Peter Lievels: Peter Lievels is a digital nomad, with his backpack he travels from anywhere he wants for work.

Digital Nomad Documentary: A story about Digital Nomads’ life and work, the real story of dreams and reality.

Digital Nomad Travel Mag: Digital Nomad Travel Magazine is a fountain of inspiration for independent adventure travelers and photographers.

Better Remote Work: A book where you can learn how to build a working remote team that can work from anywhere, while keeping your teams motivation and productivity high.

Tropical MBA: Podcast episodes comprising the best source of knowledge on location independence. A newsletter on Remote Tips & Jobs sent every two weeks to 15,000+ Remote Workers.

Pajamas: Pajamas is a collection of interviews with people who work at companies with teams that have 2/3rds or more of their employees working remotely.

8000 Mile Startup: Startup stories from around the world.

Digital Nomad Academy: A place for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to be part of a bustling, collaborative, supportive community platform.

Love Your Digital Nomad: LYDN is a campaign raising people’s awareness on this new movement.

Minimal Pro: Is all about ‘getting more with less’. Sean Lee shares what he has learned—so you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes.

Virtual not distant: Virtual not Distant has been set up to help teams move from the traditional workspace to a more flexible one. We do this by offering support for managers through training and coaching. We can also support the whole team through our team learning programme, which can involve structured training or a more organic facilitative approach.


 Go Remote School is the world’s first online school serving the remote work niche, with online courses designed to help remote workers secure remote work and maximize their potential. Learn the skills to make remote work, work!



Nomad base: You can instantly know where nomads are around you. Using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram locations, you’ll never miss a nomad in your city again!

Cowork the world: Cowork the world is a unique content plateform for some of the hottest coworking space from around the world.

Nomad Pass: Discover unique places to work from, be flexible and connected from anywhere in the world.

Nomad Network: Free social network for Digital Nomads. The idea is to make your trip easier, cheaper and much more fun.

Tribe Wanted Bali: Tribe Wanted Bali is hosting motivated, curious people (solo, couples, families) in Ubud, Bali to build a new community, a co-working tribe.

Coworking Map: An online global map of coworking spaces.

Nomad Pad: Nomad Pad makes it easy to rent a great place, make friends and keep you moving when landing to a new city or home.

Do Awesome A community and consultancy collaborating with individuals to create and grow businesses and lifestyles based on passion and purpose.

Escape the City: Escape the City is a community to access courses, opportunities and inspiration to help you find or create work you love.

Wifi Worker Bees: Wifi Worker Bees wants to help people prepare for a life working remotely.

Livit Spaces: Livit is a tech startup ecosystem based in Indonesian, Denmark and Hong Kong.

Web Work Travel

Web Work Travel: Web Work Travel organizes trips for digital nomads around the world.


Ouishare: Is a global community and think and do- thank to build and nurture a collaborative society.

startup retreats

Startup retreats: Startup retreats is a company of Peter Lievels which helps people to find a place to retreat at.


GigRove: GigRove is a company that globally connecting local startups  who needs help with short-term tasks with skilled travelers who need a place to stay.

startup travels

Startuptravels: Startuptravels connects startups and entrepreneurs from all around the world.

My Nomad Pass: Get your unique pass for digital nomads. Pay less and get hassle-free access to different co-working spaces around the world.

Digital Nomads Life: Using Digitalnomadslife, you can find the most beautiful places Digital Nomads can work from in the world.

Bali Entrepreneurs Resorts: Bali Entrepreneurs Resorts do all the hard work for you in organizing and planning your stay in Bali (looking to relocate, hold an event etc.).

No Location: Booking spaces for large groups doesn’t have to be hard, and with No-Location it’s simple, easy,affordable, and memorable.

Cowork Worldwide: Cowork Worldwide chooses coworking spaces in cities from all over the globe and make sure they all are the world’s most innovative shared workspaces.

iLab For Entrepreneurs: First Resort Entrepreneur Accelerator in Asia which gives you the tools to build a global business and the chance to live life on your terms.

Location Indie: A community of people helping each other kick ass in business & travel.

Coworking Visa Map: A coworking visa allows active members of one space to use other coworking spaces around the world for free for 1-3 days.

Nomadkit: While running Hacker Paradise, Nomad Kit found a number of services along the way which saves you time and money on the road.

Teleport App: Teleport builds software to move you to the best place to live and work. Explore the best cities based on your personal preferences.

Office To Travel: Want to become a digital nomad? Are you already living the lifestyle and want to meet other like-minded people? Either way, you’re in the right place.

AnyPass: AnyPass is a membership pass for the nomadic entrepreneur, freelancer, independent worker. Work from anywhere, without skipping a beat.

JetNest: JetNest was established to help entrepreneurs, business people, creative professionals and others gain the global experience and perspective needed.

Optimizing For Happiness: O4H is about achieving financial freedom by building up your own income stream enabling you to quit your job and ravel the world or have more time.

Location 180: Location 180 helps you build a business you can run from anywhere on Earth and live a life worth writing about.

Right2Freedom: The Right2Freedom movement is designed to ensure that every individual has the right to choose freedom on a daily basis.

Coworker: Whether a hotdesk for a day, a dedicated desk for a week, or a private office for 6 months, Coworker helps you find exactly what you’re looking for.

At Nomads: The goal of At Nomads is to build a community that has a well balanced and unbiased view to assist you throughout your nomadic journey!

Hashtag Nomads: Hashtag Nomads is a Digital Nomad chat community. Join 10,000 digital nomads to chat life, work and travel.

Glomading: Supporting expat Millennials, mobile workers and digital nomads with features and curated content.

Screw The Cubicle: Helping people create businesses that bring back meaning to their lives and make the leap from employee to entrepreneur.

Potential Asia: The hub for online startups in Asia like: dr-discount bringing successful strategies from Europe to emerging and fast growing Asian markets.

Loop: Loop is a community that links together the world’s best collaborative work spaces and people.

Codino: Finally there is a community for meeting like-minded Digital Nomads and Coworkers in Barcelona! CODINO is the digital nomad community in Barcelona. On our meetups we mingle with other location-independent people in a easy going environment.

Coworking Alliance of Asia Pacific: Coworking Alliance of Asia Pacific supports and promotes collaborative coworking across Asia.

Digital Nomads Lesvos: Digital Nomads Lesvos is the islands’ best kept secret! Come join us and be part of the inspiration dedicated to shift and shake the traditional way of doing things. Lesvos is the perfect playground for socially engaged digital nomads to be challenged while experiencing a magnificent island and landscape.

OOOT’s: mission is to help clients locate accommodating restaurant locations where they can work (while out-of-office), during non-meal-times.

Flylancer:  is a global networking community for location independent professionals and digital nomads to meet, share and collaborate with each other.

DNX: DNX organizes events and online platforms in order to connect and support digital nomads and online entrepreneurs.

Copass Camps: Copass is the first global federation of collaborative spaces.

A-Fest: Mayan Riviera, Mexico, Nov 3-6, 2016. An invite-only transformational event that gathers an extraordinary community of change-makers and visionaries who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world – entrepreneurs, employees, artists, leaders, innovators, visionaries and more.

Coworking Conference Asia: CU Asia is a four day conference for digital nomads, startups, entrepreneurs and location independent professionals.

Coworking Europe: is an annual conference featuring the rise of coworking.

The Global Coworking Unconference Conference: GCUC is the world’s largest coworking  conference series.

CU India, The Startup Nation: The team behind the CUAsia events are bringing the original Asian coworking conference to India! CUIndia will bring together coworking space operators and enthusiasts, tech companies, investors, real estate partners and others interested in the evolving workplace.

Nomad Cruise: Cartagena-Lisbon, May 28-June 9, 2016. The first ever-floating tech hub for digital nomads to connect, create, and collaborate on projects whilst sailing the open seas.

WFA Conference: Sydney, November 5, 2016. A gathering of people who are ready to explore how we can live, work and learn differently in the future. Come and get inspired by successful entrepreneurs sharing their real life experiences, knowledge and practical know how and learn how you can do the same.  Find the confidence you need to help turn dreams into tangible reality.

7in7: A conference for long-term nomads, by long-term nomads. Bangkok, October 27-28, 2016

The Coliving Gathering: The Coliving Conference will be the first meetup of professionals around the coliving and workation industry, where coliving space managers, workation organizers and tribe leaders will meet to discuss the future of work and our sector. A meeting point for all those who are want to learn about how the digital nomadism is changing the way we work.

What are the Pros and Cons of Working from Home?

What are the Pros and Cons of Working from Home?

Do You Have the Self-Discipline to Work Remotely? Discover All the Pros and Cons. When people think of work, they usually end up thinking of bland offices and the sound of distant telephones ringing. But what if work didn’t have to be like that? What if you could work...

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Having the Chat:  Your first step towards remote work

Having the Chat: Your first step towards remote work

It’s not always easy asking for what you want. Especially from your boss. Fears of coming across as presumptuous or impudent can conspire to keep you where you’ve always been. It’s not that you don’t like your team, or having chats around the ping pong table (or is that too 2014?).

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The ‘Why’ Behind Coworkation

The ‘Why’ Behind Coworkation

The ‘Why’ Behind Coworkation In order to understand the why behind Coworkation I need to tell you my personal story (sorry! Hope it’s not too long winded!). Coworkation, to me, is very personal.  It goes far beyond starting a business. It feels as though it’s the...

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“The Location Independent Movement can be defined as the individuals, businesses and resources surrounding a lifestyle based on the ability to live and work from anywhere you want.”

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Forbes: Digital Nomads

Forbes: Digital Nomads

The Tuaregs of the 21st century do not wear turbans or move on camels. Modern nomads carry the computer under their arms and their goal is to find the best wifi connection

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People traveling catalonia

Today, Viajera Catalunya speaks of the incentive trips with the Coworkation company that proposes to freelancers to travel relaxation while working

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Trend: Coworkation

Het bedrijf Coworkation maakt het mogelijk om met je voeten in een infinity pool of uitkijkend over de jungle van Bali je werk te doen.

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How Travel Remolds the Mind

By the time this year is up I’ll have lived and worked in Australia, Samoa, Indonesia, Spain, Italy and Thailand, and I’m currently in the process of adding more destinations to my list for next year.

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Nace la primera compañía de ‘viajes inspiracionales’ para empresarios, freelance y emprendedores

Coworkation es mucho más que una empresa dedicada a vender productos o, en este caso, ´packs’ de viaje en busca de la inspiración y la productividad. “Nuestro objetivo es crear una marca que se consolide en el concepto de ´deslocalizar las oficinas´”, dice Stuart Jones, fundador de Coworkation y creador de otras siete empresas alrededor del mundo especializadas en el concepto de ‘lifestyle

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Diana Moret, ens parla del projecte COWORKATION

Diana Moret, ens parla del projecte COWORKATION, que ahir es presentava a Santa Coloma de Farners. Coworkation funciona com una “companyia de viatges” creada per millorar la productivitat i el creixement empresarial, sota una fórmula del tot innovadora en què es barregen vacances i feina.

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