1st- 7th of July 2017: Santa Fiora; churches & medieval palazzos, wine & simplicity


The sun-drenched landscapes, wine ranks as far as the eye reaches, amazing Italian food, simplicity, the rich history and culture and of course the friendly people. It’s safe to say that the beautiful region of Tuscany is synonymous with living the good life. Which is exactly why we decided to land here for our Coworkation in June next year. What better place to gather inspiration from than the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance?
We will be based in the idyllic village of Santa Fiora, known for its many churches and medieval palazzos, located in the province of Grosseto.














Our accommodation will be a lovely old but modernized house in the medieval village of Santa Fiora, overlooking the calming, green Tuscan hills. It’s place for those who love history and local traditions, remained in its original Italian style with wooden beams and brick, stone facade and a red-tile roof. Authenticity in its purest form. The rooms will be on a twin-sharing basis, shared with someone from the same sex.

Just like any other coworkation, our program will be facilitated from the angle of personal development for professional growth.

But, we would love to hear what ideas you have yourself and if you would like to contribute something during the trip. All ideas are welcome and we would love to hear what you would like to share with the group yourself.

So what can you expect to take away from the workshops we have arranged for you?

  1. Business Big Picture: One of the benefits of stepping out of your day-to-day routine and into a new and inspirational setting such as Tuscany is that you have headspace to gain clarity and put things in perspective.  This creates an ideal environment for you to look at topics such as vision, planning, strategy and decision-making.  We offer workshops focused around these business ‘big picture’ topics.  
  2. Lifestyle Design: At Coworkation we believe that, since we are only on this earth for a short time, we need to make the most of it!  Living life in the fullest, most meaningful way imaginable is great in theory, not so easy in practice. On our Tuscan coworkation we will be looking at topics such as “The power of morning routines”, “design your day, design your life” and “visualisation techniques”.   
  3. Personal growth for professional development: If we are not working on ourselves, then we are not working on our business!  By optimising our own personal potential it enables us to be at our peak in a work environment also.  During our Tuscan coworkation we will delve into our interiors looking at topics such as self awareness, leadership, purpose and passion, focus and concentration, health and nutrition, creativity, the power of the mind, food energetics, the power of the mind and emotional control.  

And because we couldn’t think of a better way to start the day in the lush green landscape,  we will be doing yoga and meditation on a daily basis.

But will we only be focussing on workshops and talks? No, we believe there needs to be a good balance between learning, experiencing, relaxing and connecting. Which is why you can expect the following activities to be part of your day as well:

  • Hiking in the natural surroundings to reconnect with nature
  • Visits to nearby idyllic Italian villages
  • Wine tour and tasting
  • Cooking your own Italian meals with products from the local markets
  • A visit to Terme di Saturnia (visit website)

So don’t hesitate to sign up if you’re interested in:

  • Trying all of the exquisite food of the Maremma area, which is renowned worldwide to be the home of most delicious food on the planet; a foodies delight!
  • Health and wellbeing, with the right and suitable activities to look after them
  • Connecting with other location independent professionals and digital nomads…over a glass of local wine from some of the many surrounding vineyards in the area
  • A perfect environment to work ON yourself and your business
  • WiFi for when you need to focus and get things done
  • Clear air that leads to a clear mind, perfect to enable you to work on your plans, vision and strategy.


  • Unique rural location experience
  • Accommodation in a shared room (private room is available)
  • Daily delicious breakfast
  • Lots of excursions and fun things to do in the surrounding nature and culture
  • In-depth workshops and inspiring activities on a daily basis
  • Guided morning yoga and meditation

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Stuart Jones

Stuart Jones


Avalon Van der Horst

Avalon Van der Horst

Operations Management

Mattia Settimelli

Mattia Settimelli

Creative entrepreneur. Storyteller. Producer

Paula Rúpolo

Paula Rúpolo

Design Manager & Business Development Intelligence



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