Trend: Coworkation

Het bedrijf Coworkation maakt het mogelijk om met je voeten in een infinity pool of uitkijkend over de jungle van Bali je werk te doen.

«Coworkation» ou le concept de travailler au paradis

Après le «cospacing», les start-upers emportent leur laptop en «coworkation» («coworking» et «vacation»). Notamment grâce à des sites qui proposent des packages espace de travail et hébergement dans des lieux exotiques comme Bali. Focus sur une tendance qui fait de...

How Travel Remolds the Mind

By the time this year is up I’ll have lived and worked in Australia, Samoa, Indonesia, Spain, Italy and Thailand, and I’m currently in the process of adding more destinations to my list for next year.

When your office is the whole world

It may seem like the name for a new urban tribe, but the term “Digital Nomads” refers to a way of life: that of independent, restless, travelling professionals, who thanks to new technology, combine their love of exploring the world with their work. Yet,...

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