Tips for Commuting to Work

by | Jan 26, 2019 | Blog

Your morning and evening commute are one of the strictest parts of your daily routine. It is up to you to ensure that you are using this time as productively as possible. Here are some of the things you might want to consider if you have a commute to work.

Listen to a Podcast

There are so many podcasts out there that could provide you with some new and interesting information. No matter what you are interested in, from true crime to cookery to current events, you can bet that there is a podcast for you.

This format has massively taken off in the past few years so you won’t have any problem finding a platform to listen on. Podcasts are non-intrusive which makes them perfect for someone who instead needs to concentrate on the road ahead of them.

Make It Eco-Friendly

A commute is obviously not the eco-friendliest of trips as you are driving the same distance nearly every day. Therefore, you should think about some of the ways you could make it more eco-friendly. It could be as simple as investing in an electric car so that you are not churning out emissions as you drive.

You might also want to look into car-sharing. If some of your co-workers live close to you, you could arrange for a group to travel together in the same car. This is a great option if you get on with your co-workers and it will save on fuel for everyone. Make sure you arrange a rota or a collection for petrol money to avoid arguments.

Know Some Alternate Routes

Many people get stuck in a rut of travelling one way to work. However, this can be bad if you end up in a traffic jam because the route is blocked. You should always make sure that you know a few extra routes to work just in case something goes wrong. 

Being able to redirect yourself is a skill we are losing in a world of satnav and other helping devices. Take the time to drive around your town for yourself. This will give you some of the skills you need to direct yourself in the event that something will go wrong. 

Take Your Time

We spend far too much of our time rushing to get to work. When we run late, we can potentially make mistakes that could end up putting us in danger. Leaving just five minutes earlier could make all the difference.

Try to shift your mornings so that you have that extra little bit of time. It might mean that you need to get out of bed earlier, or you might have to drop something you usually do in the morning, but it might be a better choice overall.

Revitalise your commutes now! The sooner you can get yourself into a good routine, the better. Before you know it, you might be commuting back and forth like a pro. It is never too late to improve your mornings!

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