Outsourcing: The Key To A Successful Small Business

by | Jan 26, 2019 | Blog

With the corporate landscape becoming increasingly competitive thanks to issues like Brexit and rising consumer expectations, small businesses now face many challenges if they are to survive and thrive. 

As business closures in the UK hit a five-year high, it’s clear that organisations are struggling to overcome all of these challenges and continue to meet the needs of consumers. 

One of the biggest issues facing small businesses currently is balancing quality service with profit. In this article, we explore the reasons why outsourcing is the best way for SMEs to effectively manage their workloads and profitably provide the solutions that will drive them to success. 

Outsourcing Saves Time

Your team may have a set of skills that are valuable to other businesses and customers, but these won’t encompass every aspect of business management. Outsourcing can help you to fill in the gaps in your team’s knowledge and skillset without hiring more staff, making it a cost-effective solution that saves time and leaves your staff free to support your clients and deliver the service they expect. We recently outsourced to a maid service Chicago whilst travelling through the US. 

Collaborating With Professionals Will Achieve A Better Outcome 

Whilst some activities, like cleaning, can be undertaken in-house, they will often be done to a lower standard than if you worked with a professional commercial cleaning company like Ideal Cleaning Services. They will be able to provide you with a service that your team cannot offer, freeing up your staff to fulfil their own roles and use their skills to the fullest. 

You Can Outsource Services As And When You Need Them

Some services, like legal support, may not be required throughout the year, but instead only needed when you have a legal issue or require a document to be drawn up. Therefore, it is more efficient to outsource these services when your business needs them than it is to hire an in-house legal expert. 

Hiring Experts Is Expensive

Some services, like legal support, accounting and compliance, require expert skills and qualifications. These specialist services cannot be undertaken by anyone who does not hold the correct qualifications, so it could be expensive to bring them in-house. Staff that have taken the time to earn themselves valuable skills and qualifications are expensive to hire and will require a high salary and lots of additional perks to retain them and keep them supporting your  organisation, meaning that in these cases it can be more cost-efficient to work with an outsourced service provider than to hire new team members. 

Outsourcing Tasks Will Reduce Stress Among In-House Staff

One of the biggest causes of workplace stress is taking on too much work, and this can lead to serious health issues for your team and create a bad internal atmosphere in your business. To avoid this, you need to ensure that your staff’s mental wellbeing is protected and that they all have manageable workloads. Outsourcing some tasks, such as admin, copywriting and cleaning, can help staff to manage their workloads more effectively and ensure that they remain able to fulfil their roles without becoming too stressed. 


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