Learning to Live with Freedom is a Task in Itself

by | Nov 5, 2018 | Blog

“Work/Life balance no longer, it’s all just living” declared the legendary Richard Branson.  Yet, with the changes in the way we live and work – with the increasing fusion between the two – it can bring a deeper complexity to our lifestyles.

I recently discovered an app that helps myself, and millions of others, organize life. Todoist is designed “for people who need less chaos and more peace-of-mind. Yes, please!  

Get organized…to get the most out of life!

“Doist create tools that promote a calmer, more balanced, more fulfilling way to work and live”. Most people would look at Todoist and say that it is an app to help you get organized. Personally, I see Todoist as an app for lifestyle design. Being organized is not an end goal, it’s merely the process to follow in order to lead a rich and fulfilling life.

Learning to live with freedom is a task in itself.

I have lived with a large degree of freedom all my life.  I structured my businesses to allow myself to be Location Independent, and to work from where I want, and when I want. The freedom that comes with workplace flexibility can be incredible.  It gives opportunities unheard of by past generations to build a truly extraordinary life. Yet this freedom also comes with challenges, disadvantages and dangers.

Sure, I love the fact that I have the freedom to work from anywhere and any time. But it also means I never really 100% switch off.  When your office is anywhere, your office is also everywhere.

I have never had a 40 hour work week. Instead, I have consciously told myself that I have a 168 hour LIFE WEEK.  One of the dangers of the evolution of the merger between work and life is that it converts into a 168 hour WORK WEEK!  

Although I have only had very brief stints in the 9-5 workplace, I see its benefits.  Go in to the office, that’s where the work gets done. Leave the workplace, and that’s where you take care of other areas of your life. You just need to ensure you don’t spend too much time in the office! The lines are demarcated.  On the other hand, being location independent, those lines are blurred.

We all know that we need to pay attention to all facets of life…relationships, health, fun,, spirituality, rest and work…on a surface level it’s pretty basic. So, in a 168 hour week, we just need to allocate sufficient time for each of them….right?  That doesn’t sound so complicated! The reality is different. We get absorbed in one or two things, and neglect others.

This is where apps such as Todoist can come into play!

Putting structure to the chaos.

Whether it be personal or professional your To-Do list is endless, and often leaves us overwhelmed. Putting structure, and getting organized, is essential to keep control and, ultimately, get a lot more done.  Doist has 3 apps that we can use in life and business:

  1. Todoist – keeps track of tasks, projects and goals in one beautifully simple place.
  2. Twist – a communication app for teams who want a calmer, more organized, more productive workplace.
  3. Todoist Business – team task management made simple and transparent.  It’s accountability without all the bureaucracy.

With apps such as these we can spend less time managing work and more time putting awesome things out into the world. Check out Todoist >>

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