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Perceiving situations in a positive way.

A French airport strike (just for something different!) somehow means a two hour delay from my flight between London and Barcelona (thanks Frenchies!). To kill time I read the travel section of the paper, reminisce of places visited and dream of future travels. I read an interview with a traveller and I decide to ask myself the same questions…one question is:

“What is your favorite on-the-road moment”.  I reflect…

My favourite on-the-road moment (ok, maybe it is one amongst many favourites) was a 15 hour mini-bus journey between Burkina Faso & Mali…that turned into THIRTY hours! We were crushed in like sardines in the back row with six other passengers (the vehicle was designed for 3 people in the row), my arse was on seating with no padding, the driver was falling asleep behind the wheel, until he pulled over to sleep on the side of the road in the middle of the night (in freezing temperatures).

Why is this one of my favorite moments? Because I made a conscious decision to enjoy the experience. I accepted the challenge to frame the experience as a positive one.

Rather than focusing on the extreme discomfort or worry about our safety I decided to perceive it as an exciting and humorous adventure. I told myself that it would be great “mind training”, attempting to control my mind and to maintain a positive mindset & a sense of inner peace in these difficult conditions. I reminded myself that the locals sitting around me, had to deal with such circumstances on a regular basis, and they were not complaining.

As I sit on this flight, I look around at the differents reactions from the passengers, some sit calmly, accepting that it is what it is, others arguing with the hostesses. Myself…well, I simply try and recall the lessons I learned from that journey between Bamako and Ouagadougou. I take a deep breath …. Think positive thoughts, and remain patient. 

“Traveling is not just about seeing new sights & cultures. It’s also about learning & personal development.”

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Doing nothing is okay

In our normal day-to-day lives we are rarely bored. Often, “busy-ness” (verging on chaos) often reigns. Constant movement. Do, do, do. One thing after another. Multi-tasking. Juggling of responsibilities. Rarely do people schedule into their week time to do nothing.

This is not the case when we travel. Countless hours at airports, on planes, trains & automobiles. Waiting in lines. Crossing borders. Time to simply BE. These moments of “nothingness” could lead to boredom.  However, instead, we can utilise the time to reflect, meditate, to plan, or to dream. Or just let the mind ruminate.

Following our travels, when we return to our home environments, then we should allow ourselves the time and space to do the same.
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Lessons from the road #3

Life is GOOD! Appreciate what we have got.
(See other travel lessons in link in bio)

Over my years of travel I have consciously selected developing countries as my destination of choice. Aside from the fact that I am attracted to their different cultures and way of life my motivation behind choosing to visit such countries was born out of desire to put the world, and my world, into perspective.

When I live in my
“normal, day-to-day environment” for too long then I feel as though I sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture. Reality, and what is important, becomes distorted. I blow my problems out of proportion.

Venturing to the “outside world” is like a reality check. Witnessing the hardship that some people face makes my issues pale in comparison. I realise just my problems are not ‘real problems’.

Following trip trough countries in
Africa,  Asia & Latin America I get reminded of just how fortunate I was to grow up in Australia. And how lucky I am to lead the life I am leading.

Unfortunately, as the months pass back in my home environment, I struggle to maintain that perspective. My memory wanes. As time passes my problems tend to feel like bigger issues than what they really are.  And that is when it is time for me to take off travelling again to refresh my memory of just how good I have it!
In a perfect world I would not need to travel to put things in perspective, but well, I am far from perfect…so I go travel!   

  • Written by @coworkation_stuart (Coworkation founder)

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