What are the Pros and Cons of Working from Home?

by | Mar 7, 2017 | ALL ABOUT THE LIM

Do You Have the Self-Discipline to Work Remotely? Discover All the Pros and Cons.

When people think of work, they usually end up thinking of bland offices and the sound of distant telephones ringing. But what if work didn’t have to be like that? What if you could work anywhere in the world, and experience everything life has to offer you? That’s where remote working comes in. There are so many perks to working remotely, but it’s not for everyone. Do you think you could thrive in that situation?

Understanding the Downsides of Remote Working

Even though the idea of travelling the world and being able to work at the same time is appealing, you’ll need to know whether you’d even be able to work like that. Without a set routine, it can be hard for some people to motivate themselves. For example, you’re not going to have to make that 9am meeting when you’re working remotely, so you don’t need to get up early and you’re more likely to not make the effort. This is why you need to understand how disciplined you need to be to work remotely.

As you’re not in the office, there’s less pressure to stay busy, and it’s easier to get caught up taking Buzzfeed quizzes instead of working. When you’re not home, you could also be distracted by things like laundry, which can look very inviting when the alternative is work. Being away from colleagues can mean it’s harder to get to know people, too, leading to less social interaction, which was the main reason people who participated in a Stanford study on remote working said they wished to return to a traditional work environment.

Embracing Remote Working

Though it’s important to be aware of the disadvantages, there are positives to working remotely. Not least is the ability to travel the world as you see fit. When you work remotely, you have control over your work and personal life balance. You have more control over your stress levels, and can walk away with ease if things become too much.

study by the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) also reported that people were more productive when they worked away from the office, as there are less distractions elsewhere. You’ll also not have to deal with any micromanaging, or interruptions. Pets that need caring for will be able to receive the care they need from you, too, something you wouldn’t be able to accomplish while working in an office.

Remote Working Communities

One of the best aspects about remote working, is the communities that are appearing.These communities are where people from all over the world can come together to live and share ideas while also working on their own projects. They’ll be able to experience new cultures, and see different parts of the world, and this is all because remote working has become a viable way to make a living.

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