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Yesterday, Valentine’s Day, was a day of love… and we are still feeling a little sentimental here at Coworkation!  Let’s talk about love.

“Really?!?! What’s that got to do with location independence”
It goes to the heart of the matter (pardon the pun!)

There is a lot of hype these days about the digital nomad lifestyle.  A lot of media attention is being drawn towards this exciting new trend, a growing number of people are being made aware of the possibility of living this lifestyle, conversations are starting up surrounding the topic.  However, links are not usually made between digital nomadism, location independence and love.  Except for some tongue-in-cheek references to digital nomads being in love with themselves as they post their selfies with their laptops out beside a swimming pool!

One of the limitations of the digital nomad hype*, however, is that we miss the deeper impacts upon society and the profound ways in which we are changing the way we work and live.

“Love…and Location Independence” is a little piece that I wrote after breaking up with my girlfriend last year.  It’s no Mills & Boon nor 50 Shades of Grey novel…but I do try to cover some of the implications of the location independent lifestyle for relationships.

* I will be discussing the Limitations of the Digital Nomad Hype during this years Freedom Summit which is the “First Virtual Gathering on the Location Independent Lifestyle”.

Whilst we are on the topic of love…

One of the problems that digital nomads, remote workers and location independent people as they roam the world is loneliness. Nomad Soulmates is attempting to address that with a dating app.  You can them some love by supporting their crowdfunding campaign.

What else do we love?  Here’s a few things:

But, most of all, we at Coworkation love Location Independence!  So much so that we dedicated a whole section on our website to this movement. Want to contribute an article? Drop us a line.

Lastly, we are LOVING 2017!
It’s been a fantastic start to the year as we plan our trips to BaliTuscany and Barcelona as well as some mouthwatering new destinations. People are obviously determined to make the most out of their 2017 with a number of people already taking up our Early Bird 50% discounts (which end soon, get in quick!).

It’s going to be an exciting year for us…stay tuned for our website in español and Coworkation goes Coliving!  Hope it will be for you too!  And, with incredible events going on around the world for location independent professionals, why wouldn’t it be?!  Check out the Traveling Lifestyle and Flystein event calendars and add one of these events to your 2017 bucket list!

Love life!

Stu & The Coworkation Crew

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