Virtual Virtuoso – A Guide to Navigating Virtual Offices

by | Jan 3, 2017 | Blog

Jakarta is seeing businesses leave the city in favour of more budget-friendly options in the surrounding area. Businesses, large and small, are either finding more appropriate office space or abandoning the traditional office altogether. The rise of coworking in the city has been a definite factor in the slowing down of the leasing of commercial office space.

However, the virtual office is another type of office that can alleviate some of the financial pressures of managing office space. In a technological age where every imaginable task can be completed on the computer, the virtual office only complements the current technologies available for office space. Your virtual office, though, can be the foundation of your online office space. With a password as a key to your office and limitless space, the virtual office can meet most of your business needs.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can choose the right virtual office for your business to help you move towards your business goals.

The Office Format

Your typical virtual office gives your business structure through a reliable internet connection, and in many cases, the technical support needed with a purely online format. In addition to the technological support, some leasing offices might also make available the use of office equipment and other amenities, including the use of conference and meeting rooms. These conference and meeting rooms are fitted out with some of the finest technological equipment like smart stations and video-conferencing capabilities. Take a look at one of the virtual office solutions in Indonesia to and see how this flexible office solution works by clicking on

The Functions

With the virtual office, your business has the advantage of scaling the size of the office depending on your business’s needs. With a limitless space that has no walls or boundaries, your business can grow effortlessly. More importantly, you can use the online format to forge out a structure for your business.

The virtual office can be used simply to pay contractors, message clients and contractors, share documents, in addition to a number of separate tasks. Alternatively, if you plan on making the virtual office permanent, invest in software that helps build an online business management system that would take care of all of the daily tasks associated with your business. Record-keeping would easy, and more importantly, error-free. Your management system would allow you to communicate with others and pay contractors. More significantly, it can alleviate the complications that go with hiring talent.

Of all the functions of the office, virtual space can be the platform where you potentially hire candidates from around the world. You have the freedom to choose from some of the best professionals in an industry, and in many cases, the online format has changed the way modern businesses hire people. Today’s businesses are beginning to see the value of a candidate pool that can be hired simply for contract work, which in many ways can save your business money.

The Benefits Of Your Virtual Office

The advantages to using the virtual office are numerous, but primarily it does save money. Also, professionals have the flexibility to travel without worrying about not being to have access to their office because as long as you have access to a device and a reliable internet connection you can get to the office. Finally, the online format makes it possible to perform a variety of functions related to marketing, advertising, and public relations to reach a wider audience. Plus, it can save you loads of time and money in commuting and travel costs.

Funding Your Venture In Virtual Space

Finding space in Indonesia’s business climate is becoming very possible because of the introduction of newer office space options. The virtual office’s many uses make running a business convenient, and in some cases, more efficient. Your virtual office can be a permanent place from where you conduct business or can be a tool to transition into conventional offices.


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