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by | Dec 28, 2016 | Blog

Now, THIS is a Christmas present!

Christmas might be over…but the presents keep coming!  And here is your post-Christmas present from the Coworkation Crew.  50% off our Bali coworkation trips in May and October, 2017!  You can also enter our Christmas lottery and give yourself a chance to win a FREE coworkation!  Just send your seasons greetings to [email protected] to go in the draw or to claim your 50% discount on the Bali trip.


One of the (many) things I love about location independence is the ability to escape winter. That is why there is two hemispheres, right?  Once the cold and rain hits Europe in November then it is time for the herd of digital nomads to head to warmer pastures.

My annual migration over the years has taken me to Brazil, Mauritius, Madagascar, Australia, West Africa, Asia and other destinations.  15 years ago, when I first started to embark upon these winter escapes, I would rarely see anybody else that would do the same.  Nowadays an increasing number of people can live an endless summer! Check out our Top 10 ideas of exciting migration destinations at this time of year!  


A personal tradition over the years, around these dates, is to hold my personal annual review.

I seek somewhere inspiring…a beachside cafe, a town in the mountains, a lakeside village…and reflect.  Reflect upon the highlights, the lows, where I have been, what I have done…what went well and the challenges faced.  This year…I have been doing it from the spa zone of my gym!  

Reminiscing of some of the Coworkation highlights of 2016….here’s our TOP 10:

1) Coworkation was born!  Birth date, July 2, 8.39am GMT.

2) Seeing how the coworkations have benefitted the attendees and myself personally

3) 3 Barcelona Rural Inspiration coworkations at one of the most inspiring locations imaginable

4) Discussing the Location Independent Movement with others in this emerging ‘sector’

5) Meetings with La Familia at locations such as this incredible spot!

6) Going back to where the Coworkation idea was conceived for our inaugural Bali coworkation

7) Setting up our European Hub in Barcelona and launching our video in Spanish!

8) Delicious food, friendly people & stunning beaches preparing our 2017 Thailand Coworkation.

9) Collaborating with Coboat and Betahaus on the Mallorca Sailing coworkation.

10) Attending and supporting inspiring events such as CU Asia, Ouishare Fest, Coworking Europe and DNX Global.  


You can see some of my other highlights on my personal Instagram account.


Since we are in a philosophising kinda mood…here’s something for you to ponder over as you make your plans for next year.   Where would you prefer to have your next meeting?!  


Until next year!!!

Stu & the Coworkation Crew



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