How Coworkation came to the rescue… of its founder!

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It wasn’t supposed to be about me.  Yet, if anybody was in need of a dose of clarity and inspiration it was me!  As the Bali coworkation approached I was feeling overwhelmed.  The need to take important decisions, on both personal and business levels, loomed like dark, grey clouds on the horizon.

To be honest, I was feeling ill-equipped to deal with the situation.  Both the complexity, and the potential consequences, of the pending decisions had me feeling confused and uptight.  Where to start with the decision-making process, what to do, how to handle it, how to find clarity.  I felt frozen.  

I was to be a customer of my own product.  Both the creator of the Bali coworkation…and an attendee.  The Bali coworkation was designed to create an environment which enabled the participants to find the headspace needed to produce clarity, stimulate creativity, and to inspire.  Exactly what I needed.  So, serendipitously, I was going to be in a perfect position to test the value of our product!  

One week later, as I write this, I can genuinely say that not only did the coworkation tick all the boxes…but it went beyond my expectations.  I relaxed, my mind became more lucid, I received insights, I connected with others who motivated me, and I felt good about life.  By the end of the week my mindset had shifted and I felt ready to tackle the difficult decisions and challenges that lie ahead.  

lydiaOver the past week we learnt about self-awareness, talked about habits and routines, and received some jedi mind tricks with our amazing facilitator and coach, Chris Chiu.  We drew lessons from nature during a visit to a waterfall with Kirsty Furniss, and looked at how we can inject our personal style, and values, into our careers and businesses with the legendary Lydia Lee.  We connected with our surrounds, ourselves and each other.  We challenged ourselves and stepped out of our comfort zones.  Yet at the same time we enjoyed levels of comfort and luxury beyond our imaginations.  We opened up to each other.  We sat alone, reflected and passed moments of introspection.  We meditated and practiced yoga.  We ate delicious, healthy food. We swam. We laughed. And we did all of this from some of Bali’s most stunning locations!

Sometimes we just need the time and space to learn…or relearn.  Together with assistance and inspiration from our expert facilitators I came out of the week having some personal mini-epiphanies…



Connecting with nature helps us to disconnect from our constructed world. Our fast pace slows down into a smoother, more natural rhythm. If we let ourselves go with the flow of nature then it can enhance our clarity.
This happened to me during our visit to this waterfall yesterday. I had a mini epiphany as I sat beside the waterfall, letting it’s spray gently caress my face. I realised that I had been working on things the wrong way around. Focusing on the results and the decisions I needed to make. Hoping that, once I took those decisions, I would have clarity, and inner peace would come as a result.

My approach was this:



inner peace

I was taking an “outside-in” approach. I realised that I need to reverse this order…working from the inside in order to get the outside results.
It all starts with inner peace. Once our mental state is calm, then we have clarity and can focus. It leads us to a state of flow. Once we are in that positive mental space, our mental clouds are cleared away and our decisions become clearer. From this, the results will come. It all starts with INNER PEACE.


Another lesson drawn from nature.  As I swam closer to the torrent of water thundering down from high above I became afraid.  I drew parallels with fears in my current reality.  If I keep moving forward will I be pushed under?  Will I be able to fight back to the surface?  Will I be strong enough or will I be consumed?  

I pushed on until I was pounded upon by the raging waterfall.  I was pushed under.  I tried not to panic, instead worked myself back to the surface to catch my breath.  I was forced under yet again but bobbed my head back up.  And, as I did, I started to float away with my back to the raging water and my fears.  I looked ahead to the calm flowing waters.  I had faced my fears and they hadn’t drowned me.  I had come out the other side unscathed and could look ahead to where it was smoother.  Aware that I would encounter more torrid water further down the stream…yet I could float towards it prepared, and with a sense of confidence that, no matter what confronts me, I will be OK.


Many people believe that Coworkation, and other related projects, are about travel.  It is not.  Nor is the primary objective that of location independence.  As the days passed I observed what was occurring for myself and the other participants, and came to the realisation that it is ultimately about inspiration.  bambuindah

A coworkation is designed to utilise the change of environment (ie. stunning environments!) to influence our thoughts, states and emotions. A coworkation is about connecting with, learning from, and being inspired by, others.  Whether that be the facilitators or the other participants.  

On an intellectual level I knew all this…but there is nothing like experiential understanding to fully grasp a concept.


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