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Location independence is the freedom to work and live from wherever you want.  It is a lifestyle.

This lifestyle is born out of a desire to be an architect of your own destiny and to have the ability to live life on your terms. The traditional way of living and working is no longer the only way.  Nowadays, you have alternatives.  You have the possibility to experience life and all its different elements more than ever before.whatislocationindependence


LI = Location Independence: The ability to work from wherever you want.

LIP = Location Independent Professional: Anybody who has the freedom to work from different locations.  They often work in coworking spaces in their city of origin.  

LIL = Location Independent Lifestyle: The lifestyle being led by LIP’s, characterised by freedom of movement.

DN = Digital Nomad: A nomadic lifestyle.  They combine work with travel…moving from place to place. They may move regularly, every few weeks or months, or only on a couple of occasions throughout the year.  However, they have no permanent base and see travel as the primary motivation behind for living the lifestyle.  Often, although not always, they have online work.  

NEXTPAT = Next generation of expat: Location independent professionals who have a base in a country other than that of their own nationality.  They do not identify themselves with being an expat, nor as digital nomads.  


  1. It is a way of work, life and of being
  2. It is a lifestyle
  3. It gives freedom of movement, timetable, location and structure
  4. It is NOT about travel
  5. We live live life on our terms
  6. Work when you want, where you want, do what you want and with whom you want
  7. It enables us to live closer to our passions and pursue them more frequently
  8. The community of LIP’s and DN’s is growing by the day
  9. There is an ecosystem emerging around location independence with more and more startups catering to the LI community, ranging from resources, to coliving, to education. Our LIM Directory highlights some of those.
  10. The lines between work and play are blurred.  There is a fusion between the two…it’s all just ‘living’.

Where are the workplaces?

  • Home sweet home…feeling a bit sluggish? Don’t feel like dressing up and heading outside to a grey and miserable day?  The house is a bit of a mess?  Well, stay at home! The time you saved on transporting yourself to and from work, not to mention the increased productivity and focus you get being free from any distractions, you can dedicate to getting your washing done and the house in order.  Or having a bath and reading a book.
  • Get creative in cafesrecent research indicates that the background noise arising from chatter in a cafe and the hissing of a coffee machine helps us think more outside of the box.  On top of that you can spoil yourself with a fresh slice of cake with your cappuccino!  Alternatively, you can download the Coffitivity app which recreates the din of a cafe…
  • Connect in coworking spaces…it’s nigh impossible to describe the sense of community and positive energy that can be found in a good coworking space.  With a dense concentration of entrepreneurs, creative types, techies, consultants, coaches, remote workers, digital nomads and other independent professionals they can be melting pots for collaboration and hot-beds for innovation. Regular activities and workshops, skill-sharing, masterminds and think tanks provide a fantastic learning environment also.  Not to mention the social connections available!
  • Get out to nature…City dwellers don’t often get an opportunity to experience the peace and clarity that can be found out in nature.  Being location independent frees us up to find headspace away from the hustle and bustle of the chaos.  Head out to the mountains, take walks through a rainforest, enjoy a couple of days out at a farmhouse… when we are location independent we can work from anywhere…so why don’t we?!
  • Besides swimming pools…have you seen the increasing number of smug photos being posted on social media by digital nomads?  This is because they really are awesome places to work from!  Find a shady spot poolside and get to work.  Need a break from the computer then go have a dip in the pool.  Want to do some thinking or writing…lie back on a sun lounger.
  • On the beach…this is probably the biggest myth surrounding digital nomadism.  We don’t get a lot of work done down at the beach!  And certainly not with our laptops…even if we have posed for the photo!  The glare of the sun, heat of the sun, distractions of hot bodies around us…well, the reality is that you don’t get a whole lot done.  Computer work anyway.  Nevertheless, for some thought work, change of routine and creativity, meetings or networking sessions…they can provide a perfect environment.  Remember…not all work is done behind a computer screen.
  • Different countries…LIP’s often have multiple homes, including subscription to coliving or cohousing scenarios.

Some things we love about location independence!

  • Escape the peak-hour madness…say adios to traffic jams and overcrowded trains!
  • No need to wake up to an alarm clock! Your body will wake up when it is fully rested.
  • Life’s non-stop chores can get done more easily as we don’t have to ask a boss to go do the shopping (good luck getting permission for that!) or go to the bank or doctor.
  • We can work within our biorhythms…morning person or night owl? Work when you are at your optimum.
  • Have a few too many wines at dinner on a Wednesday night?  Well, sleep in!  You’re not going to be too productive on a hangover anyway.
  • We can take breaks throughout the day…go for a jog, have coffee with a neighbour, go play with the nephews…disconnect and then get back to work rejuvenated.
  • Feeling down in the dumps?  No need to drag ourselves into a depressing office.  We can head off for a couple of days and go on a personal retreat, get away and have some fun…break the negative thought spiral and get back to work in a positive frame of mind.
  • Like to travel?  There is an endless abundance of inspirational locations around the world…both near and far.  So go explore!
  • Have a family? It’s possible to structure your day to spend more time with the kids.
  • Fall in love with somebody who lives in a different state or on the other side of the world…well, you can move without worrying about finding a job.

Values & World Views

Some values and worldviews generally associated with LIP’s and DN’s…

  • Freedom, freedom, freedom
  • Minimalism
  • Collection of life-enriching experiences over accumulating material possessions
  • Having meaning in work
  • Expression of self and individuality
  • Autonomy and independence
  • Curiosity for the world around us. In people, places and cultures. Sense of wanderlust.
  • Global citizenship…LIP’s often identify less with national borders and are less patriotic
  • Lifestyle design and living according to interests, passions and values
  • Existing paradigms of living and working are outdated.  There is a belief in the possibility of a new, more fulfilling way
  • Work and play are not separate pursuits
  • Risk is seen as something different. It is more risky to work in an unfulfilling career your whole life than to go off and try to do something yourself
  • Space and time to simply be are highly valued commodities

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