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by | Jun 23, 2016 | Blog, Coworkation

I’ve been labelled “the excitable one” by my Coworkation family and, well, they do have a point!  Sometimes, it is fair to say, I can be a little over-enthusiastic…however, right now, I have plenty of reasons to be excited and the rest of la familia at Coworkation are equally as animated!

Why are we so excited?

If  you have ever been to Barcelona you will understand why (and, if you haven’t, then get here!).  Barcelona is clearly one of the best cities in the world! We returned a few weeks ago to a city which, for Diana, Avalon and myself, has become a second home.  Kirsty is a newbie…and she is walking around like a kid in a candy store!  

Change of location often is accompanied by a burst of excitement and inspiration.  When you come to Barcelona that enthusiasm level tends to be maintained.  The Catalan capital has so much going for it…great climate, a plethora of funky bars, gastronomic influences from all corners of the globe, an atmospheric beach, a couple of picturesque mountains on the edges of the city.  It also has a thriving innovation and entrepreneurial scene, is a growing digital nomad hotspot, is packed with location independent professionals from all around the world, and has a welcoming international social scene.  All in all, we reckon it makes a pretty good spot for the Coworkation European hub!

There’s another great reason why we’re excited…the website is finally live! Wowee, what a relief.  We were getting a bit over it…personally, I will be happy if I never have to create another one in my life!  Now we can focus on the really fun stuff…

Our Upcoming Plans: The 4 P’s

  • Popups – we are out hunting for Barcelona’s most inspirational locations where we can stage popup coworking events.  Our coolhunting is taking us to terraces, boats, bars and penthouse apartments!
  • Partnerships – there are so many really cool projects happening around the location independent movement.  It’s time to reach out to them to talk collaboration! “Together we are better, together we are stronger”!
  • PR –  let’s start spreading the good word! About Coworkation, and what we do, but not only about us.  We are also aiming spreading awareness of the location independent movement.
  • Products – we are working hard on creating some WOW experiences and trips… Bali, Mediterranean Sailing, Barcelona City & Country, Thailand…Croatia maybe? Morocco? Portugal?  Hmmm, decisions, decisions….
  • People – ok, I know this makes it five P’s.  But I can’t leave this off now, can I? It’s so exciting to think of the people that we are going to be meeting and hanging out with over the coming months as our community (we call it the Coworkation Clan) expands.  

So what do you think?  Enough reason to be excited???

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