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Actually, we’ve just been doing some research, but the word ‘research’ in a title isn’t as clickable is it?

  • Coworking and coliving hubs become established around the world, not just in urban centre but regional areas too! This drives economic development in regions previously untouched by tourism or entrepreneurial culture. These hubs take over from a metropolis existence as an exodus from cities occurs, leading to reduced city sizes, and encouraging regional development. In turn this results in a positive environmental impact, creating a setting where developing countries can compete.
  • Cohousing becomes the norm as a result of financial factors and desire for community. Cohousing and shared ownership allow people to have a home but not shoulder the full financial or other responsibilities. It allows people to travel and live a location independent life whilst having one or more bases around the world.
  • A major shift in mindset around work/life planning leads to the location independent lifestyle being accepted as mainstream. Waiting until you retire to explore the world is so 20th century.
  • Less materialism, more minimalism. As with our online behaviour, life is more about sharing, less about owning. Growth in the sharing economy sector means that handy platforms are popping up online, so we don’t need to own everything we use, we can borrow or hire anything, anywhere!
  • There’s a shift in business management mindset towards positive social and environmental impact alongside profit. There’s more awareness of why and how we do what we do, and growth of a more conscious approach to work and life.
  • A true global community! Better infrastructure and resources for the location independent life means even more global connectivity and the breaking down of communication barriers on many levels.
  • More travelers means more cross cultural relationships, and more ‘Third-Culture Kids’ (parents from 2 different cultures and growing up in a 3rd). This coolness leads to a massive change in how people view nationality, race, and  identity.
  • An increase in people working according to their own schedules and from wherever they want, including home, means more time for family and relationships, the stuff that really matters.
  • Following the trend of online education and homeschooling that exists due to both financial factors and the sorry state of public schooling in many places, education is drastically altered for both children and adults. Digital learning, peer to peer skill sharing, and world-exposure become the new education non-system.
  • Keep dreaming! Just imagine all the other institutions that are going to be affected by the rapid growth of the location independent movement!
    • Government attitudes to visas changes as mass migration occurs: International Passports, Countries without borders!
    • International law and online judicial systems.
    • Medical Tourism and a drastic change in how we approach healthcare.
    • New currencies take over, Bitcoin here we come!

Keep the conversation going? What does your LI future look like?

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